Trapez is a straight-lined and flat structure with trapeze-shaped lamella, which have a width of approx. 15 mm. The combination of specially coloured veneers with the linear structure creates an elegant and modern surface.


Trapez is an embossed panel with special developed veneer / melamine resins with a plywood core.


Length* Width Strength Coreboard Repeating pattern
2450 mm 1050 mm 18.5 mm Plywood No
1050 mm 2450 mm 18.5 mm Plywood No
3135 mm 1270 mm 18.5 mm Plywood No
1270 mm 3135 mm 18.5 mm Plywood No

*First given measurement specifies the direction of embossment


Surface: raw, unlacquered
Density: ca. 845 kg/m3
Weight: ca. 18.5 kg/m2
Embossment: one-side
Deepness of structure: max. 2.3 mm


  • Very exact and robust profile
  • Wide range of veneers
  • High form stability