Prisma combines four identical prisms to equal tiles, which create an interesting effect, which is intensified by the incidence of light. The surface is especially impressive with metallic lacquers and real metal coatings.


Prisma is an embossed panel with special developed compositions of melamine resin saturated papers with a MDF / particle board core.


Length* Width Strength Coreboard Repeating pattern
1270 mm 3135 mm 4.5 mm MDF Yes, every 100 x 100 mm
1270 mm 3135 mm 18.5 mm Particle board Yes, every 100 x 100 mm

*First given measurement specifies the direction of embossment


Surface: raw, unlacquered
Density: ca. 800 kg/m3
Weight: ca. 15.5 kg/m2
Embossment: one-side
Deepness of structure: max. 3.4 mm


  • Repeating pattern
  • Available in high gloss lacquering
  • High form stability